Capture the personality of your pet with a beautiful pastel portrait or sketch done by Yardley, PA artist Susan Busch.

Three Dogs

I work from photographs, either provided by you via e-mail or a snapshot. I will also take photographs of your pet in your own home. I begin by doing a rough sketch, which I send to you for approval before starting the final drawing. If I am creating a pastel portrait, I will bring out your pet’s highlights, making the portrait colorful while maintaining a natural and realistic look.Dixie

I have exhibited in various locations in Pennsylvania, and am a member of the Artists of Yardley and the League of Animal Artists.

View my gallery pages for examples of my realistic pastels and sketches.


The enjoyment I receive from my work is just a natural extension of my love of animals, especially our domesticated friends. Read more about my background and how I create pastel portraits and sketches.

Contact me with any questions or to arrange an appointment.

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