pastel gallery

My favorite medium is pastel. I can draw with the stick like charcoal, but can blend the color like paint to achieve the desired effect, and can render details like fur, whiskers and facial features. I use mainly NuPastel for background and shading, and layer over top with Rembrandt for a softer finish. Paper is usually Canson, although occasionally I use cold-press watercolor paper for a more tight, illustrative look. When the painting is completed I spray it with a fixative to set the pastel.

Click on the images below for an enlarged view slideshow.

I also offer personalized slates, which are oval or heart-shaped slates you can hang on your wall, around 6-7” in width, 6” height. I decoupage the sketch of your pet onto the slate, personalize it with your pet’s name in gold or silver paint, then coat the slate with a waterproof sealant.


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